Atelson’s spirit

Established in 1968, in Paris, Atelson is a high-end specialist in men's tailored fashion. Atelson combines tradition and innovation with an unequalled control. The brand's designer, Jean-Marc Athuil, takes care in developing a complete wardrobe, through unique products.

Collections are based on an exclusive commitment: the high-quality of the materials and the fineness of details and style.

In just a few years, Atelson has become renowned as a high-quality house, where elegance and modernity are central.


The know-how of Atelson

The selection of raw materials

The brand stands for high quality, thanks to its products made in noble materials. All our fabrics are carefully selected in Italy among the most prestigious weavers. Atelson is committed to a completely open privacy policy about their backgrounds.

The quality of the production

Every product is designed by us, to get things right. We collaborate with the best factories in Europe and use the most qualitative supplies. The attention to detail is extreme at Atelson, our tailors use the the traditional cut-and-sew. Our goal is to offer an impeccable design and a high quality of finish at right prices.

The fashionable collections

Collections made in limited quantities are constantly renewed. The creator, always listening to its customers, imagines with subtlety new designs every seasons. By adapting to current trends and always remaining innovative, the brand knows how to seduce and attract numerous customers from all around the world.

Modern details, well-kept finish, creative cuts are what makes the excellence of Atelson’s products.

Atelson adds a Parisian touch to its collections. These will satisfy both men wishing for “business chic «irreproachable outfits, and men looking for more« sport chic" and relaxed outfits.

Inspired by the "New England" style, the curved cutting puts forward an elegant and refined silhouette. Jean-Marc Athuil revisits the classical suit, often too conventional, to give way to a modernized and more subtle suit.

It is within his Parisian workshop that the designer develops the styles and the collections of every season. By choosing himself his fabrics and accessories, the creator controls the whole creative process by creating models in the well-kept details.

The insurance of an exceptional quality at every level of the creation, allows Altelson to offer a complete, stylish and elegant dressing room at right prices.